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Who is it for

This program is for you if you have been suffering with complex or long-standing stress dynamics such as anxiety, depression, gut distress, skin, hormone or immune system issues.

You may have struggled to be heard and struggled to find answers. You may be using drugs to manage your symptoms but you don't want to be reliant on them forever. You may have a sneaking suspicion that everything you're suffering with is connected, but you need help to unravel it.

You are ready to face into the changes you need to make to be well, but you also know that you will need ongoing support in order to make these changes sustainable. 

What to expect

Initial Consultation: £125

  • 1 x 75 minute consultation to deep dive into your health history and current symptoms

  • We will connect the dots between your symptoms and challenges and understand how everything fits together

  • In this session I will aim to give you advice for short-term relief


Monthly Coaching: Price to be discussed, depending on package (min 3 months)

  • Typically, 2 x 50 minute 1-1 sessions online (Zoom) per month where we will:

  • Identify and come up with a plan to resolve your root causes

  • Help you advocate for yourself with your doctor, where appropriate

  • Use conventional and functional testing, where necessary, to identify dynamics

  • Use targeted interventions for rapid relief and build long term strategies for sustainable health

  • Develop your toolbox for managing stress and building your body's resilience for the future

  • Create a healthy relationship with food and a way of eating that is right for your unique body


You will get:

  • 1-1 coaching online

  • In-between session support via email or text

  • My time researching & planning for your individual needs

  • Analysis of test results

  • Session write up with 2-3 action steps

  • Recipes, articles, book and podcast recommendations


Additional costs:

  • Conventional and/or functional lab work 

  • Supplements  

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