Stress Less, LiveMore

with Kate Oliver Coaching
Do you feel overwhelmed and
unable to gain balance in life?

Does your anxious mind stop you from sleeping? Are you struggling with unwanted weight? Or perhaps you live with a stream of debilitating symptoms like exhaustion, pain and IBS.

Symptoms like these are usually a result of the stress our bodies face - from the information overload that our brains take in, to the inflammatory foods and toxins our guts take in - we are more stressed than ever before, and I believe this to be one of the biggest issues our health faces today.

I'm Kate Oliver,

as a functional health and nutrition coach, I help women and men take control of their health and tackle the stress in their body - physically, mentally and emotionally.


I help people to shift from surviving day to day exhausted and depleted, to being in vibrant health and feeling like they can achieve anything they want to.

The 5 step strategy that overloaded professionals are using to eliminate stress & achieve vibrant health 

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