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Kate Oliver, Stress Coach

Do you feel overstretched and unable to gain balance in your life? Does your anxious mind stop you from sleeping? Are you struggling with unwanted weight? Or perhaps you live with a stream of debilitating symptoms like infections, migraines and acid reflux. 


Symptoms like these are usually a result of the stress our bodies face - from the information overload that our brains take in, to the inflammatory foods and toxins our guts take in - we are more stressed than ever before, and I believe this to be one of the biggest issues our health faces today.

As a functional health and nutrition coach I help women and men take control of their health and tackle the stress in their body - physically, mentally and emotionally. I help people to shift from surviving day to day exhausted and depleted, to being in vibrant health and feeling like they can achieve anything they want to.


SoSo, what is stress?

Stress is not one dimensional, nor is it only what we see it depicted as in social culture. Rushing around, trying to hit work deadlines is a part of it, yes, but it also comes from the physical strain of foods that don't work for our bodies and the toxins we are exposed to daily. It comes from unresolved traumas that get repeatedly triggered and from the unrelenting amount of information we consume in the 21st Century.

The end impact on the body is the same. It leads to a triggering of the 'fight, flight or freeze' response - once usefully evolved for dealing with the threat of a lion attack when we were cave people, but now activated because of low level, continuous stressors. Our bodies switch this response on without us realising, and when they do, the nervous system is sent into overdrive and many important processes such as healing, digestion, immunity and reproduction are switched off. 

It's never too late to prioritise your health

I've found that most people are very good at de-prioritising their own needs in order to keep going - there is always something more important right? As an ex-people pleasing workaholic, who spent 12 years in the corporate world, I know this feeling well. 

But there is a reason why on a plane they say: "put your oxygen mask on before helping others". 

We will not be able to live our lives fully or show up for the people we love, and the things we care about, if we ignore our own needs.

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