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Hi, I'm Kate Oliver

I've created this blog to help people tackle what I believe to be the biggest threat to our health today: stress. From the information overload that our brains take in, to the inflammatory foods and toxins our guts take in, we are more stressed than ever before and it is making us unwell.

I've always believed in the idea of taking responsibility for my health, but aside from trying to eat well, I didn't really know what that meant. I certainly wasn't acting in a way which put my health above my high pressured job or above running myself ragged to please others. It wasn't until I became sick a few years ago that I had my wake up call. I realised that I wouldn't be well unless I dramatically reduced the stress in my life. I realised that to be well I had to look after my health proactively and holistically.

 I was suffering with low immunity, nervous system dysfunction and chronic hypotension. Or in other words, I picked up infection after infection, lost my periods, suffered with perpetual fainting, panic attacks and paralysing fatigue. It stopped me from working and being able to live my life fully for over a year and I'm still recovering. It was triggered by a viral infection but the real root cause was chronic stress - both physical and psychological. There was no quick fix from the doctors, and the long-term medication I was given had difficult side effects. I had to learn what I could do to heal myself.

I reset my diet during this time to avoid inflammatory foods, and to ensure I was getting as many nutrients as possible. I also made some very key lifestyle changes to reduce stress and inflammation and promote my bodies self-healing mechanisms. This holistic approach has helped me come a long way with my recovery and I am passionate about sharing what I've learnt.

Whether you are suffering with something similar, or just aiming to feel as good as you can, I hope that my collection of articles and healthy, whole food recipes will be a support to you. 

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