Welcome to my blog. Here you will find healthy, whole food recipes that focus on maximising nutrients, reducing inflammation and allowing the body to heal from the inside out. All of my recipes are designed to be easy, so you can incorporate them into your life without stress. This means they either take no more than 25 minutes from start to finish, or they require minimal time in which you need to be involved in the process! For when you have a little more time on your hands I have included a weekend section, providing  a few more special meals to be lingered over. 

You will also find articles which focus on the areas I believe are having the biggest impact on our health today. From the stressors of 21st Century living to the way we no longer take real rest, I explore why we are facing more chronic illness, anxiety and general exhaustion today and what we can do about it. My ambition is to provide the knowledge and tips needed for creating sustainable, healthy habits. It's these daily habits which will help us to heal from our health issues and ultimately thrive. 

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